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SiDi Size Guide

Buying the right sized shoe can be tough when you buy online. Knowing your size helps, but sometimes the sizes are not the same across different brands or in different countries. Our size guides are designed to address two aspects of the sizing issue

  1. SiDi shoe sizes compared across UK, EU and the US (Chart A)
  2. SiDi shoe sizes compared across popular shoe brands such as Adidas, North wave and Pearl Izumi (Chart B)


These SiDi Size charts are generally very helpful and our customer care is always at hand to offer further advice. Our one and only advice is, always buy shoes that fit comfortably out of the box. SiDi hand builds its shoes from fixed ‘lasts’ (otherwise known as moulds). There are basically three lasts - standards (men’s), Women’s, and the Mega (wide-fit). The same lasts are used for the construction of SiDi’s entry level shoe as their premium shoe.

SiDi has a great reputation for having the comfortable fit right out the box. So any discomfort is most likely linked to choosing a shoe that doesn’t fit… we advise you try another size.

Remember, SiDi shoe sizes are not ‘smaller’ they are simply more ‘precise’. The design is focused on providing highly competitive riders with shoes that do not move once they are on your feet. The fit is meant to be snug, the shoes designed to cradle your foot closely. This doesn’t mean that your toes should be squashed in any way, but it does mean that if you wearing a looser fitting shoe in another brand that size may be too large for you anyway.

Wide feet and high arch

For people with wider feet and higher arches, finding the right size can be difficult. A bigger size of shoe will mean a loose fit and a standard shoe might feel tight around the base of your toes or the arches.

SiDi has designed its Mega shoes for every size, with about 0.5cms (0.2 inches) width in the areas where a wide foot is broader. Consequently, if you wear size 44 and find it slightly tight around the front or under the arch, then a 44 Mega might be the solution for the perfect fit.

Returns and Exchange Policy for correct sizing

At SiDi Café we understand shoe sizes can be slightly tricky to measure while buying online. So, we welcome you to buy online and try out our shoe at home. If it doesn’t fit you, simply send the purchase back to us with the shoe and the packaging intact, and we will try and get you the smaller, bigger or the relative mega size that you need. See our full returns policy

SiDi Size Chart A

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SiDi Size Chart B

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